360° Bottle Cleaning Brush

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Anyone who’s ever tried to clean a travel mug or water bottle knows that it can be a real pain. You can never seem to reach all the way to the bottom, and even when you do, there’s always a bit of grime left behind.

But with this handy dual-brush cleaning tool, you can finally get your mugs and bottles sparkling clean – no matter how long or thin they are!

The two brushes hold a sponge in between them, so you can clean all around the vessel for a 360 degree clean. Plus, the long handle means you won’t have to put your hand inside the mug or bottle to clean it.

Just add soap and water, and let this brush do all the work!

It’s also great for cleaning things like champagne glasses or vases – anything that’s hard to reach inside of.

So ditch those old cleaning rags and upgrade to this handy 360° bottle cleaning brush!

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What others are asking

Are these brushes safe to use on my dishes?

Yes! These bottle cleaning brushes have a soft sponge and bristles that won't scratch glass or non-stick coatings on cookware and bakeware.

Will this work on really thin wine glasses?

Yes, this brush will work on thin wine glasses.

What is the best way to store this bottle cleaning brush?

Squeeze any remaining water our of the sponge after use and keep it upright and dry when not in use.