Aura – Nebulizing Diffuser & Circle Lamp


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The Aura is a nebulizing, waterless diffuser and circle lamp that is perfect for setting the mood for quiet meditation.

Made of raw beechwood, it uses a hand blown glass system to convert pure essential oils into microscopic particles that diffuse into the air in a fine cool mist. It doesn’t use any heat or water and will not degrade the quality of your oils.


Aura is an apparatus for unwinding and emits a calming, warm light in the shape of a circle. The circle is a universal symbol that represents many different concepts. It can be seen as an image for eternity, timelessness and/or perfection because it has no beginning or end in sight.


Different days bring different emotions and you need a device that can keep up. The stepless light adjustment and two different mist output settings can conform to your needs and offer an escape from the day-to-day.

The Aura is the perfect way to create a relaxing, peaceful environment in your home.

What others are asking

How do I use it?

Remove the top bulb. Add your favorite essential oil, or blend, to the glass nebulizer. Be careful not to fill it past the two small glass tubes inside. Put the glass back on, turn on the machine and enjoy.

What color is the light?

This lamp has a warm white light that's also dimmable.

How do I clean it?

Remove the glass nebulizer, add some isopropyl alcohol, and swirl it around inside. This will dissolve any residue that may be left inside. Let it dry completely.