Bathroom Tray With Sanitary Wipe Holder


Keep your wet wipes at your fingertips for emergency cleanups and have confidence knowing that you can always keep a spotless bathroom.

The stylish and modern tray is designed to blend seamlessly into any décor and make sure all of your essential sanitary items are within easy reach.

It also features a top shelf for other bathroom items such as cotton pads, toiletries, and more!

Tool-free installation and available in two colors.

This practical product offers a complete solution that will allow you to keep your space organized and hygienic. Never be without access to clean wet wipes again!

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How do I attach this item to the wall?

An adhesive is included that makes for easy and tool-free installation but standard hardware (screws/anchors) can be used as well.

How much weight can it take?

This depends on how this tray is installed but we do not recommend placing more than 11 lbs. (5kg) of weight on this item.