Beatrice – Classical Candle Warmer

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Renowned for its ability to relieve stress and inspire well-being, the Beatrice candle warmer lamp encourages rest, relaxation, and intelligent discussion.

Made with a dimmable halogen light that offers the warm glow of traditional lighting through a finely beaded lampshade with jewels on it, this elegant but affordable gift is perfect for any occasion.

What others are asking

What kind of candle should I use with this candle warmer?

You can use any of your favorite scented candles as long as they come in a jar or a container of some sort.

Are candle warmer lamps safe?

Yes, most candle warmer lamps are considered safe as long as they are used with proper caution and supervision.

Will this fit a 3 wick candle?

Yes, granted it's not too tall, but most three wick candles fit perfectly fine.