Beechwood Wall Mounted Coat & Hat Rack

From: Ft24,285.70

The perfect addition to any neutral-toned, modern entryway is this unique beechwood coat rack.

This stylish piece is made using wooden pegs of different lengths that elegantly fold out at an angle, giving you the ideal place to hang your beloved coats, jackets, hats and bags.

Its unique look and streamlined design will upgrade any mudroom, providing an eye-catching spot for the perfect first impression.

This coat rack also comes in three different sizes so you can find the one to fit your family’s needs – a must-have accessory you won’t want to live without.

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Can this be used in a bathroom?

This item is not waterproof so we don't recommend using it as a towel hook in the bathroom.

How much weight can each hook take?

This set of hooks is designed to bear a relatively large weight, and each hook can bear about 6 lbs.

Am I able to paint this?

Yes, let your creativity shine!