Bordeaux Throw Blanket Set

From: Ft22,098.00

Adding a velvet throw blanket to your home decor is an easy way to add a touch of luxury.

The soft, velvety fabric is inviting and welcoming, making it the perfect addition to your couch or bed.

They are just over 6′ 6″ long and come in either 4′ 7″ or 2′ 3″ widths, and the burgundy color scheme adds a touch of elegance.

Whether you’re looking for a way to add texture to your decor or simply want a cozy blanket to snuggle up with, these velvet throw blankets are a great option.

What others are asking

How do I clean these throws?

Wool blanket: Use a gentle wash cycle on your washing machine with cold water and only use wool-specific detergents.Acrylic blanket: You can wash it in cold or warm in a washing machine and dry it on low heat.