Cable Organizer For Chargers or Desk Gadgets

From: Ft8,834.78

If you’re like most people, your desktop is full of cables and other bits and bobs. And those cables are usually a total mess!

But there’s no need to suffer from cable chaos any longer! The Cable Organizer is here to tidy up your life.

This small, flip top container is the perfect solution for keeping all of your cables organized.

It’s available in a set of three, so you can keep all of your things like phone chargers and headphones tidy and organized – no more tangled messes!

Plus, the matching holding tray ensures that everything has its place and stays put.

But, it’s not just for cables!

It’s the perfect size for;

  • lip balm
  • gum
  • mints
  • headache pills
  • hair ties
  • and all of the other little things you can never find in your purse when you need them.

So say goodbye to cable clutter and hello to style and organization at home and on-the-go.

The Cable Organizer is the perfect way to keep all of your small items in check!