7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Fall Decor Colors

and the best palette for your decor style!

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I don’t know about you but I just love the comforting feeling of fall colors.

And while we can’t all just move to New Hampshire to watch the leaves turn every year, we can still infuse our living spaces with the brilliance of autumn – think muted red, golden yellow leaves, ripe orange, and earthy browns.

These vibrant and neutral hues hold the power to conjure a cozy ambiance, transcending seasons.

Delve into our insights on the 7 Most Frequently Asked Fall Decor Color Questions, and uncover ideas that’ll effortlessly weave these enchanting tones into your home.

Ready to explore the heartwarming palettes that define this time of year?

trending fall colors

In the realm of fall decor for 2023, the trends are steering towards a refined yet nature-inspired palette.

The foundation lies in the use of abundant white and light neutrals, creating a canvas that exudes simplicity and elegance.

To truly capture the essence of the season, consider adorning your spaces with accents of muted orange, soft terracotta, peachy tones, light beige, dusty rose and soothing sage green.

These understated hues evoke a sense of tranquility while accenting your environment with a gentle, autumnal touch.

One standout shade that's making waves this fall is galactic blue – a deep, sophisticated hue that harmonizes seamlessly with honey-toned elements.

What Are The Classic Fall Decor Colors?

When it comes to timeless autumnal home decor, certain hues never fail to evoke that quintessential fall charm.

Classic fall colors are like a comforting embrace, bringing forth the familiar warmth of the season.

Think of rich rust reds that mimic the changing leaves, and mustard yellows that radiate a cozy glow.

Medium olive green and deep camel tones effortlessly echo the earthy landscape, while mid-browns provide a sense of grounding comfort.

These hues, with their reddish undertones, create a harmonious symphony of warmth and depth.

What Fall Decor Color Should I Choose For My Home?

Selecting the right fall color for your home style isn't just about following trends – it's about infusing your space with the warmth and character that resonates with you and your family.

From rustic farmhouses to modern minimalism, each home style has its own personality, and choosing the perfect fall colors can amplify that charm.


farmhouse fall decor

The best fall decor colors for a farmhouse aesthetic include Rushmore Grey, Utaupeia, Burnt Almond, Limonite Brown, and a touch of rustic white.

Rushmore Grey brings a sense of elegance and neutrality, providing a perfect backdrop for the warm tones of autumn.

Utaupeia adds a gentle touch of earthy beige, evoking a feeling of comfort and simplicity.

Burnt Almond introduces a subtle pop of orange, reminiscent of falling leaves and pumpkin patches.

Limonite Brown contributes a rich, deep hue that harmonizes with the changing foliage outdoors.

To tie everything together, a rustic white can be used for accents and trim, enhancing the overall farmhouse charm.

Combining these five colors strategically throughout your decor – from throw pillows and blankets to wall art and table settings – will transform your space into a cozy and relaxing sanctuary in autumn.

Modern House

The ideal fall decor colors for a modern house encompass Jam Session gray, fossil gray, caramel brown, Cioccolato brown, and accents of crisp Ivory.

Jam Session Gray establishes a sophisticated base that resonates with contemporary aesthetics, providing a versatile canvas for other colors to shine.

Caramel brown introduces a warm and inviting ambiance, reminiscent of cozy coffee moments on chilly days. The addition of fossil gray brings an opulent feel, elevating the surroundings with a hint of metallic luxury.

Cioccolato brown contributes a sense of nature's earthiness, seamlessly blending indoor spaces with the changing outdoor landscape.

For a touch of freshness, Ivory can be used as an accent, illuminating corners and enhancing the overall ambiance.

By thoughtfully incorporating these five colors into your decor scheme, from furniture upholstery and wall treatments to decorative objects and textiles, your modern home will emanate a quiet luxury that perfectly complements the autumnal season.


cottage fall decor

I absolutely adore cottage houses during the fall season; it's as if you're stepping into a magical woodland, where the tranquil surroundings instantly envelop you in a sense of relaxation and serenity.

The ideal fall decor colors for a cottage home are Urban Grey, Cafe au lait, Bronze, and Mousy Brown.

Picture a world where Urban Grey forms the serene backdrop, evoking the calm of misty mornings and providing a neutral canvas for the magic to unfold.

Imagine walls bathed in the soothing hues of Cafe au lait, a color that exudes the comfort of your favorite latte on a crisp autumn morning.

Introducing accents of Bronze transports you to a realm of rustic elegance, where every corner whispers tales of golden leaves and gatherings by the fireplace.

Mousy Brown, like the rich earth beneath your feet, adds a grounding touch, inviting you to unwind and savor the simple joys of life.

These beautiful hues, thoughtfully combined, paint a portrait of a cottage haven where afternoons are spent curled up with a good book or sharing laughter with loved ones.

Warm Rustic

rustic fall decor

YES, those colors are Cantaloupe, Overcast Brick, Semi-Sweet Chocolate, and Smoking Night Blue.

Picture yourself in your favorite sweater curled up by the fireplace, wrapped in the comfort of your surroundings. The world outside fades away and the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes fill the air.

The delicate warmth of Cantaloupe on your walls mirrors the gentle embrace of autumn sunsets. This shade brings softness and instantly creates an atmosphere of welcoming familiarity.

Overcast Brick, with its weathered allure, speaks of tradition and history that makes you feel safe and grounded.

As your eyes wander, they'll find solace in Semi-Sweet Chocolate, a color that envelops your space in a sense of indulgent coziness. Like a favorite recipe handed down through generations, this shade adds depth and richness to every nook.

And then there's Smoking Night Blue, a hue that captures the deep, velvety night sky, invoking a tranquil mood that resonates throughout your home.

These colors form a symphony of rustic beauty – a palette that seamlessly blends the charm of yesteryear with the comfort of today.

It's an invitation to slow down, to relish in the simple pleasures of life, and to create memories that will echo through time.


boho fall decor

Dawn, Amazon Jungle Green, Jersey Cream, Honey.

First, imagine the serene beauty of Dawn gracing your walls, enveloping your space in the gentle light of early morning.

Now, envision the lush foliage of Amazon Jungle Green weaving through your decor. This color is from nature, bringing the vibrant energy of the outdoors inside.

As you explore further, Jersey Cream welcomes you with open arms. This warm and cozy hue is like a comforting hug.

And then there's honey with it's inviting royal golden tones - it's not difficult to see why it's one of the most popular fall colors for this year.

When these colors unite, they weave a tapestry of captivating beauty – a palette that captures the essence of your bohemian style while welcoming the fall season.


minimalist fall decor

Unicorn Silver Color, Orchid Shadow, Fossil Tan, Moonless Night.

Unicorn Silver Color; This soft and ethereal shade embodies the essence of minimalism. Its gentle silver undertones provide a sophisticated and neutral base, which is essential for creating a clean and uncluttered look.

Orchid Shadow brings a delicate touch of color that complements the muted palette of autumn. Its gentle and muted hue evokes the tranquility of autumn blooms, subtly enhancing the minimalist environment.

Fossil Tan introduces warmth and depth to the palette, echoing the earthy tones of autumn foliage. It represents the cozy and natural elements of the season, adding a touch of comfort to your minimalist home.

The deep and rich hue of Moonless Night serves as a grounding element in your minimalist autumn haven. It creates a sense of contrast and drama, enhancing the minimalist aesthetic by providing a focal point and highlighting key design elements.

Is the earthy tone out of style?

Uhh... yes and no, and here is why.

Earthy tones have long been associated with the fall season due to their natural and cozy feel. As a result, they tend to come in and out of style with variations each year.

However, for this fall season, muted earthy tones are expected to be extremely popular. You might be curious about what exactly these muted earthy tones are.

Well, the color palette of earth tones typically includes warm shades of brown, green, gray, and beige.

Muted earthy colors are characterized by their desaturation. Desaturation simply refers to the addition of a base color (like black, brown, or white) to make a color less vivid.

So, in this upcoming fall, softer browns, gentle oranges, and light beiges will likely remain people's top choices for decorating their homes.

What did interior designers say about fall colors this year?

Henriette Miller profile picture
@Henriette Miller

I always encourage people to decorate their homes in a manner that reflects their personal style.

I mean, your home is your sanctuary, a place where you find comfort and ease. There's no obligatory need to conform to trends at all times.

However, I do acknowledge the allure of trending colors. The currently popular peach tones exude lushness, while the light beige, muted green, and orange shades offer a sense of comfort and relaxation.

If you're apprehensive about making extensive changes to your home this fall, consider introducing small fall-themed decor pieces.

Adding some new throw pillows to your living room or a new lamp that evokes the essence of the fall season are small but effective ways in sprucing up your home.

As always, the most prudent approach is to take a good look at your surroundings, identify and keep the elements you cherish most, and update the rest of the space with new colors.

This will infuse novelty into your home without making it feel unfamiliar.

- Henriette Miller

Where Should I Incorporate Fall Colors In My House?

Integrating fall colors into your front yard or porch is an excellent first step.

Enhance the ambiance by adorning with metallic pumpkins, hay bales, and pumpkin topiaries, while also experimenting with various hues and lighting.

For a timeless touch, opt for a wreath bedecked in faux leaves.

These pieces naturally embody the quintessential fall shades.

For your next step, you will want to enliven your living room by updating your couch with some fall inspired earthy-toned throw pillows; believe me, it'll instill a pleasant atmosphere without going overboard.

Applying fall colors to the bedroom is a clever choice, given their soothing and tranquil nature. They infuse the bedroom with a sense of warmth and even a bit of sweet nostalgia.

To add fall hues to the kitchen, consider decorating with elements like pumpkins and autumn leaves, coupled with accents of golden honey on the kitchen island. Hang seasonal garlands and stems in the kitchen to heighten the effect. Or simply embrace a new mug in a pumpkin-inspired hue!

fall color inspired coral red mug
fls Fall Collection - Japandi Mug – Coral Red Ceramic

When Should I Start Choosing Colors For This Fall?

Getting your home ready for fall is all about your own style and what you love.

But hey, here's a friendly tip: consider picking out a color palette early on!

It's like laying down the groundwork that makes decorating feel less like a chore and a whole lot more fun.

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