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Scorpio Bedroom Decor – It’s in Your Nature to Make Everything Sexy and Mysterious

For Scorpios, the bedroom is more than just a place to rest their heads at night. It’s a sacred space, meant only for the most trusted individuals.

Scorpios embrace their dark side, and they want a bedroom that reflects that. They desire a place where they can let go of their inhibitions and tap into the deepest corners of their psyche.

In this post, we’ll help you transform your boudoir with dramatic touches that awaken the sensuous vibes of being a Scorpio.

Mature and Mysterious Colors: Bedroom Color Tones For A Scorpio

As a Scorpio, your bedroom should exude an aura of mature mystery – a reflection of your unique and captivating personality.

Black is a timeless color that symbolizes power and sophistication and can bring a sense of intensity to your space.

Blue, I mean dark and deep blue, on the other hand, is known to promote relaxation and calmness. This color can help you to recharge after a long day of being in control.

Silver and gray offer a dignified and sophisticated vibe while providing a sense of neutrality. Plus, these colors are perfect for the wall and flooring.

Forest green (remember, definitely not light green) can represent growth, renewal, and stability. Meanwhile, white can bring peace and tranquility, a welcome respite from your sometimes overactive mind.

You Are A Water Sign and Water Is Nourished By Metal

As a Scorpio, you probably already know that you’re a water sign, but did you know that leaving rounded silver coins in your rooms can help nourish your water element?

In ancient Chinese culture, water is nourished by metal. It was a symbol of prosperity and abundance, which is something we could all use a little more of, am I right? And since water is also associated with income, it couldn’t hurt to toss a few coins around in your bedroom.

Smooth and Sophisticated

Ensure free movement within rooms by avoiding shelves above the bed and obstructing objects along walking paths.

Achieve a smooth, seamless look by keeping furniture low-profile and without sharp edges or protrusions.

Scorpio’s affinity for sleek aesthetic demands a seamless, silky-smooth atmosphere.

bedroom decor for Scorpio

Turn Off Those Harsh Bulbs and Set The Perfect Atmosphere with Dimmable Lighting

Let’s be real, no one wants to feel like they’re in an office cubicle with buzzing, white fluorescents overhead during their relaxation time.

Imagine – you’re in your bedroom, all cozy, calm, and comfortable, while the stresses and tensions of the day slowly start to dissolve away. Your muscles relax, your mind begins to unwind, and you sink deeper and deeper into a state of pure relaxation.

Does a harsh, cold white light shining from your ceiling fit into this picture? Of course not! Instead, you see yourself basking in a warm, inviting glow of low level soft lighting that’s as beautiful as a sunset without ever being too bright for your eyes.

Yes, you need the perfect level of brightness in your bedroom to escape from the stress of everyday life. I would suggest you invest in some dimmer switches or experiment with various lamps until you find the perfect ambiance for your bedroom. Trust me, your mind and body will thank you for it.

Add A Reading Nook to Your Bedroom – It’s Your Secret Hideaway!

Scorpios love the idea of having a secret place to retreat to whenever they need some alone time or just a quiet moment to themselves. And what could be better than a cozy nook tucked away in a corner of their home?

With a comfy chair, a soft blanket, and maybe a good book or some music, a Scorpio could spend hours lost in their own little world.

Be sure to find a spot that’s tucked away and out of sight – it’s sure to become your new favorite spot in the house!

Incorporate Dramatic Design Pieces In Your Bedroom

As a Scorpio, playing it safe while decorating your bedroom is not an option.

Your bold and creative nature demands a space that reflects these traits. Don’t settle for the same-old design choices found in every other home.

Instead, opt for dramatic and unique pieces that make a statement. Think larger-than-life art prints, furniture with daring designs, and bold prints.

The Maker Hotel (Photo by Francine Zaslow)
The Maker Hotel (Photo by Francine Zaslow)

Wrapping it Up

In conclusion, bedroom decor that lives up to your nature as a Scorpio allows you to tap into a much more creative and almost magical version of yourself. It’s all about letting yourself be the most passionate, sensual, and mysterious version of yourself that you can be.

The beauty of this style of decor lies in its ability to bring out the very best in everyone who steps foot in a room. Scorpios are known for their magnetic personality and can really transform any bedroom into something special.

Let your inner self shine through with a bedroom that’s fit for a real Scorpio!

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