Decorative Ceramic Bowl

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From: $24.89

This gorgeous ceramic bowl is masterfully crafted and features a stunning wavy design to truly wow your guests. It simply brings elegance and sophistication to every table setting.

The luxurious shape of the bowl is sure to impress with its soft ripples that make it look like a curtain floating in the wind while the cream colored glaze give it an earthy, natural feel.

The effortless flow highlights its unique craftsmanship, making every product one-of-a-kind. And, unlike other store-bought items, no two pieces are exactly alike as each is handcrafted with pride and passion.

This desirable mix of simplicity and affluence create an eye catching display that demands attention. This sturdy and timeless piece will be an ideal conversation starter for many years to come.

What others are asking

What can I use to arrange flowers in this bowl?

If you're thinking of creating an ikebana flower arrangement using this bowl, we suggest using a flower frog. They are solid and stable. Our small flower frog has 169 pins, and the large has 331 pins.

What is the benefit of using a flower frog?

Using a flower frog is an easy and effective way to arrange and display flowers in your home. With its metal pins, this small metal plate allows you to easily place and hold flowers in place so your display is beautiful and secure. Not only that, but the use of the flower frog reduces waste from using floral foam that can be harmful to your environment.