Fuji – Soothing Waterless Diffuser


Waterless Diffuser

This nebulizing diffuser doesn’t rely on water to disperse essential oils, making it more effective than other diffusers.

The lack of water also means that there’s no risk of mold or mildew build-up in case you don’t empty it after each use, making it a safer option for your home.


It quickly fills your space with your favorite aromatherapy oils without using any heat that would otherwise degrade their quality.

It comes with a diffusing chamber made from hand blown quality glass that’s easy to clean, non-toxic, and completely resistant to the organic compounds found in pure essential oils – this means nothing will leach into your oils that could hinder their therapeutic benefits.


The Fuji Aromatherapy Diffuser comes with a wide range of features, including an adjustable mist output, built-in timer, and a touch sensitive button. It’s also backed by a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re making a risk-free purchase.

Whether you’re looking to uplift your home with one of your favorite scents, or you need a little aromatherapy boost to help you relax, the Fuji diffuser is perfect for you. Plus, it’s rechargeable so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Inspired by nature and named after the iconic mountain in Japan, Fuji is ready to bring peace to your home. 🌸

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