Gentle Wave Decor Tray


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Made from a dreamy, vanilla ice cream like resin and invoking the same feelings of classic nostalgic sweetness, the Gentle Wave Decor Tray is the divine home accent you’ve been searching for!

Its charming color and gentle curves make it a perfect complement to almost any décor.

With its strong yet soft structure, this decor tray holds all your favorite belongings with ease. From tea candles* to jewelry, your items are safe and secure here.

Keep it by your bed or even in your living room – this beautiful accessory will bring out the best in all kinds of spaces!

Whether you’re searching for a subtle touch of luxury or just something quaintly special, the Gentle Wave Decor Tray delivers every time.

*avoid direct contact with fire

What others are asking

Can I light up a palo santo on this tray?

No, this tray is made of resin. We suggest you use a rock under your palo santo to prevent direct contact of the embers with the resin tray.