Handmade Teak & Ebony Chopsticks

From: Ft18,562.32

Experience worldly refinement with our handmade premium chopsticks. Available in a luxurious teak, or rare ebony, these meticulously crafted chopsticks resemble the iconic “húlu” – the Calabash that is known in Feng Shui as the giver of life. Polished smooth for comfort and adorned with cultural significance, these chopsticks combine beauty and functionality.

  • Handmade quality
  • Teak or ebony wood
  • Polished smooth
  • Comfortable 9 ¹/₄” length
  • Perfect blend of elegance and functionality

Embrace the beauty, symbolism, and elegance of our high-quality handmade chopsticks.

What others are asking

Are they dishwasher safe?

No. These chopsticks should be washed by hand and should not be left soaking in water for longer periods of time.