Harmony – White Noise Machine & Bluetooth Speaker


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An audio experience that’s both natural and immersive and so much more than just your average white noise machine!

While other models are mainly aimed at the kids’ room, this sound machine is one that you can proudly display in your bedroom regardless of age.

The Harmony White Noise Machine & Bluetooth Speaker is incredibly easy to use and features more than 255 sound combinations using six different nature sound, plus standard alpha wave and white noise options.

Set the perfect mood with the smooth sliding volume switches for each tone!

Choose one, or create a combination of your favorite sounds!

  • Alpha Wave
  • Wind
  • Bonfire
  • Rain
  • Thunder
  • Running Water
  • Bird Sounds
  • White Noise

The Harmony White Noise Machine & Bluetooth Speaker has a built-in timer with 30 minute, 1 hour, and 90 minute options.

Drift off to sleep in peace and stop worrying about turning anything off or draining the battery.

It’s not just a replacement for counting sheep though, this speaker is perfect if you’re looking to find your zen during your yoga routine, or improve your productivity in the office.

Looking for some excitement? Wirelessly connect it to your phone or computer during the day and jam out to your favorite tunes!

What others are asking

Can you disable the timer and just have it run all night?


How do I charge it?

A USB Type-C charger is included in the package.

Does it have a Bluetooth speaker that can connect to my phone?

Yes, it does.