Humiflame II – Aromatherapy Diffuser & Humidifier

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Perfect for those who desire to add relaxing ambiance, soft lighting, and a calming fragrance to any space, the Humiflame II complements your home with its unique beauty and natural appeal.

If you need some guidance on choosing essential oils when you’re having trouble sleeping, take a look at our guide!

What others are asking

Does the flame look realistic?

Yes, the Humiflame has the most advanced techology to make the mist look like a real flame.

Will it leak?

Every Humiflame is tested before being sent out to ensure proper and leak-proof functionality.

Is it easy to wash?

The open top design of the Humiflame series of diffusers makes them easier to clean than most other diffusers out there.

Would it make my table wet?

The ultrasonic techology in this diffuser creates microscopic water droplets that easily disperse in the air.