Hydrangea Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask


Get the best sleep of your life with this beautiful mulberry silk sleep mask.

It’s temperature regulating, naturally hypoallergenic and non-irritating.

Not only does the soft silk keep out any disruptive light from your environment, but it’s also great for your skin – allowing it to breathe while preventing creases, saving you from fine lines and acne.

It has a stretchy band for a comfortable fit and features a beautiful design that is reminiscent of hydrangea flowers.

What others are asking

Are silk eye masks washable?

Yes, silk eye mask should be hand-washed with cold water and mild detergent, then hung to dry away from direct sunlight.

Does a silk eye mask help with dry eyes?

Yes, a silk sleep mask will help regulate the moisture and temperature around the eyes keeping your eyes feeling fresh. Silk also contains amino acids that help your skin and hair retain moisture.

Is sleeping with a silk eye mask comfortable?

Definitely, sleeping with a silk eye mask is very comfortable thanks to its lightweight nature and soft texture which allows air to flow freely around the face without feeling hot or restrictive. Most of our eye masks are adjustable to ensure they provide the best sleeping experience.