Ice Ball Maker – 24pc

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A fun and unique way to enjoy your favorite drinks! Create perfect ice balls that are great for sipping cocktails, iced coffee, or even just cold water.

Pop in some fruits or flowers to make things really stand out!

The included container makes it easy to store the ready made ice balls, and the scooper makes serving a breeze while keeping things hygenic. A tight seal on the lid also ensures that no freezer odors contaminate your ice.

Plus, the Ice Ball Maker is perfect for entertaining, as your guests will love seeing their drinks served with these cool little ice balls. So get creative and start enjoying your drinks in a whole new way with the Ice Ball Maker!

What others are asking

Is the material safe?

Yes, the ice ball maker is made of food-grade silicone.

Are the ice cubes easy to remove from the ice tray?

Yes, make sure you fill each tray completely and the spheres will come out easily.

Does the container have its own lid?

Yes! It has a lid and a scoop.