Japandi Under Desk Storage – Bamboo

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We all know the feeling of being desk-bound and overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we have to paw through just to find a pen.

But what if there was a solution that didn’t involve shoving everything into a drawer and hoping for the best?

This ingeniously designed attachment for the bottom of your desk answers that question.

Not only is it easy to install (no tools required!), but it’s also made with natural, environmentally friendly bamboo.

And as an added bonus, it has a simple and functional design that looks great in any office space.

Plus, it’s the perfect size for holding pencils, phones, charging cables, or usb drives.

So if you’re looking for a way to declutter your desk and reduce stress, this is the perfect solution!

Tool-Free Installation:

japandi under desk storage installation steps

What others are asking

Is this made of wood?

It's made of real bamboo.

Would it fall off my desk?

The included adhesive tape firmly attaches this storage drawer to your desk and it shouldn't fall off unless you use it for storing solid gold bars.