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How to reclaim your bedroom in 5 easy steps

It’s time!

Almost a year has passed and your baby is transitioning into a toddler. You can finally use that super cute room you decorated so carefully (when you still had the time).

Help your little one hit their developmental milestones and gain a private moment or two with your significant other in the process.

Jump in to find out how to reclaim your bedroom in 5 easy steps and start your journey to a well rested family today!

I cannot stress this enough.

You and your family need proper sleep to function. Period.

While only scratching the surface, we covered some major issues that will affect your entire family if you or your little one are not getting enough sleep.

The secret sauce

The room is ready, the crib is comfy, eyes are getting heavy. In realty, the game is already at halftime.

Here’s what I did for a successful transition:

  • Play outside whenever possible. Fresh air and sunshine during the day encourages good sleep at night.
  • Only use the crib for sleeping, never playing. Sooner or later, your little one will understand that it’s time for bed whenever they’re placed in the crib
  • Use a “transitional object”. This will be an item that only comes out at bedtime. Our very own Bedtime Buddies come to the rescue here.
  • Find a routine, and stick to it. Obviously, school age children will have a different routine so you can’t stay with the same one forever. But, consistency builds a strong foundation and reinforces a feeling of safety.

Most importantly, be patient

The journey of parenting is anything but a race. Start the next leg of the adventure with confidence and perseverance.

When your little one can roll over in bed easily by themselves, it’s time to start thinking about moving them to their own room. The dangers of sleeping on their stomach is no longer present and room-sharing from here on will only foster the development of co-dependency.

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