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New family secrets!

Double your sleeping hours and avoid the nightmare of hourly wake-ups

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Ok, I get it… we’re not starting a country here. But, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could sleep for two whole hours in a row?

If you’re new to family life, or still expecting, jump right in to gain valuable info on how you and your whole family can get better sleep.

Expect the frequent wake-ups

It won’t last forever but, your little one will wake up A LOT! Here’s why:

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  1. Late night snacks – You know the rule “breast is best”. Breast milk has a butt load of wonderful qualities which make it (in my opinion) superior to formula, one of these being easy digestibility. Normally, infants take about an hour and a half to process breast milk which result in frequent feedings.
  2. Upset bellies – They’re common so don’t freak out. Your baby has to adjust to life outside the womb and their bodies are changing as they prepare for solid foods. Digestive systems mature a lot in the first six months so things should get a tiny bit easier for you and your family after this.
  3. Lots of 💩 – At least in the first few months, circle back to point 1 and you’ll see exactly where this is coming from.

Prepare for the night shift

✅ Bottle or Boob – a hungry baby is a cranky baby and this is the most common reason for midnight wake-ups.

Obviously, one is easier to keep on hand than the other but stay prepared (looking at you first time dads). Waiting for the bottle warmer to finish will feel like agony but it’s nothing compared to the eternity that thawing out frozen breast milk entails.

Consider dream feeding. The success of this depends on your routine but if your little one falls asleep at around 7-8pm, you should still be able to get a feeding in at around 11pm. This could mean the difference between getting up at 6 instead of 3:30.

✅ Everything for a diaper change + Extra (extra) wipes – Never underestimate the mess. Period.

✅ A Time Cube – The perfect amount of light with a built-in timer

You need to see what you’re doing and the room lights are just too bright. With the Time Cube you can keep your little one in that “half asleep state” while dream feeding and prevent any direct light from above while changing diapers. That would not only hurting their eyes but wake them to the point where falling back asleep is going to be a real challenge.

And guess what? It’s called the Time Cube for a reason, you won’t have to get up to turn the lights off when you’re done. 😇

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Stay Strong

Parenting is never easy but the rewards are well worth it.

No two kids will be the same and even with the same one, what works one night might not work the next. It’s important to stay strong, stay positive and never give up! 💪

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