Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home with our soft, soothing lighting options!

House Lamps & Lighting

Whether you are looking to craft an evening ambience or create soft night time lighting, our lights can help you achieve it! With our extensive selection you can accentuate the beauty of any room’s decor, perfectly highlighting its features and emphasizing its individual character.

From romantic to cozy vibes – we have something for everyone. Here you can find the most unique table lamps, wall lamps and sconces, along with nightlights, and cordless portable lamps and lanterns that will take your breath away!

Desk & Table Lamps

Whether you are looking for some dim lighting to relax after a long day or want to add some accents to your house decor, our wide range of lighting products always has something to offer. Our table lamps come in various designs and colors that can match different themes and moods in your rooms. You can choose between metal, glass, or fabric shades that can create different effects and brightness levels.

Wall Lights & Sconces

If you have a hallway, living room, or bedroom that needs some extra lights, our wall lamps can be the perfect solution to enhance the ambiance and add some character to your walls. We have a range of sconces, hanging wall lamps, and renter friendly stick on wall lights that can create a warm and inviting feeling while also ensuring proper lighting for your needs.

Night Lights for Kids and Adults

For those who love to read late at night or want to put their kids to sleep peacefully, our nightlights are here to save your day (or night!). From cute animal designs to night lights with timers, and even star projectors for kids, our nightlights can be the perfect addition to any bedside table or nursery. They emit a soft and calming glow that won’t disturb your sleep and can even make your dreams more magical.

Cordless Lamps & Portable Lanterns

If you are a fan of portable and rechargeable lamps and lanterns, then you will fall in love with our cordless collection. You can carry around these lamps anywhere you like, from your backyard to the beach. They are easy to use, lightweight, and come in various shapes and sizes that can meet different preferences and needs.

In short, our collection of lighting has everything you need to create the perfect mood and atmosphere in your home. With our unique and high-quality products, you can transform your space into a cozy, warm, and inviting sanctuary that you will love to spend time in. So, go ahead, browse our collection, and light up your life with fls!