Little Sonia – Bluetooth Speaker & Dimmable LED Night Light

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Little Sonia is dedicated to creating a warm atmosphere for the whole family. The dimmable LED light ensures you never hurt your little ones eyes and you can play sound effects through the built in Bluetooth speaker to really bring your bedtime stories alive.

Thanks to a super cute and modern design, Little Sonia can bring her coziness to any room in the house, no wires needed.

Where this little bedtime buddy really shines though is in your little ones bedroom. Make them feel safer by having a thoughtful little guardian throughout the night.

What others are asking

How do I connect the Bluetooth?

Press and hold the button on the front to turn on the Bluetooth and then use your phone to pair up with the speaker.

What is the cat made of?

The cat and the house are made of ABS, while the three legs are made of wood.

What is the kitten fur made of?

The fur is made of polyester fiber, similar to what plush animals are made of.