Minimalist Shelf With Vegan Leather Strap


Lately, everyone seems to be going for the minimalist aesthetic in their homes. And who can blame them? It’s clean, chic, and really makes your space feel bigger.

But what about when you need a little bit of storage? Well, that’s where our beautifully minimalist shelf comes in!

The wood adds a beautiful, natural touch that will complement your décor, and the vegan leather strap adds a layer of uniqueness(without any of the guilt).

Plus, it’s easy to install – all you need are some basic tools as the hardware is included.

It’s perfect for adding some life to bare walls in your bedroom by keeping flowers or other decor items on it. It also works wonders in your bathroom if you’re not sure where to put that new reed diffuser you bought.

What others are asking

Do you need to mount the actual shelves to the wall?

No, They are held by a hook at the top of the strap.

Are the hooks included in the package?

Yes, the hooks that hold the straps to the wall come in the package.

What tools are needed for assembly?

• For installation in brick, a hammer drill and masonry bit can be used to make small holes for plastic anchors. • For houses with wooden frames, pre-drilling a small hole will prevent the stud from cracking and make it easier to install the included hooks. • Installation in drywall will require additional drywall anchors which are not included.