Mulberry Silk Sleep Cap


Protect your precious curls and wake up in the morning with that perfect glow.

Sleeping with this silk bonnet will protect your hair from dryness and cut down on friction between your hair and pillowcase as you sleep. This will reduce breakage and tangles, helping your hair in staying healthy and growing longer!

It comes in a universal size with a stretch fit that’s just right and never too tight.

Take pleasure in the luxury of grade 6A mulberry silk as you sleep and reap the rewards of natural beauty.

Your hair is the crown you never take off – treat it well.

What others are asking

How often should I wear a silk sleep cap?

Every night. Sleeping with a silk sleep cap will ensure your hair is protected while you sleep and there's no way to overdo it.

Is it normal to be uncomfortable wearing a silk sleep cap at first?

Yes, it is perfectly normal to feel some discomfort at first but this feeling will dissipate after wearing the cap for a couple of nights and your body adjusts to the new sensation.

What size are they?

These silk sleep caps are one size fits most.