Romantic Cottage – Cotton Throw Pillow Covers


Create a stunning romantic cottage look in your home with these gorgeous throw pillow covers!

Made from top quality 100% cotton, these pillow covers give off a subtle hint of vintage French classical style. With eye catching patterned prints, you’ll be sure to impress any and all of your guests.

These throw pillow covers come with a tie and envelope closure for easy removal and washing; that makes it so easy to keep your couch fresh and inviting.

Transform your living room into a cozy place full of love and relaxation with our Romantic Cottage Cotton Throw Pillow Covers!

What others are asking

Can these be used outdoors?

Yes, cotton pillows can be used outdoors if they are treated with weather-proofing materials or maintained properly.

How do I wash cotton pillowcases?

We recommend washing on cold settings with a mild detergent, and drying on low heat.

Will the color fade after washing?

Washing in cold water and drying on low heat will help preserve the color of your cotton pillowcases as long as possible.