Squeeze Me – Soft Silicone LED Light

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Dimmable & squeezable.

This soft silicone LED light has two different light temperatures and is the ideal desk buddy if you’re working from home. It not only provides comforting ambient light, it doubles as a modern stress ball. Just give it a good squeeze when the going gets tough.

Done for the day? Keep one on your night stand and unwind by warm glow. The ears or antlers make for an ideal jewellery holder where your rings and things can wait for you until the new day starts.

What others are asking

What light color is this?

Both warm and cool light temperatures are available. Long press the button on the back to change the light color.

How long does it last after being charged?

This depends on the light intensity you select but it can last for 8 hours on a single charge.

Is the light bright?

This light has three brightness settings, press the button on the back to cycle through the options.