Vintage Emerald Green Candle Warmer Lamp

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This is an aromatherapy tool, a practical lamp, and an exquisite decor piece all in one aesthetic package.

The base and body of the lamp are made of solid African Sapele, a highly sought after type of wood that is often used for manufacturing musical instruments.

The main part of the lamp body is bent into shape by experienced artisans using a steaming method that preserves the grain direction of this elegant wood species.

A vintage twist cord runs up the back of the lamp frame through a groove that displays this tasteful touch. It connects all the way to a graceful brass socket that is reminiscent of a time when things were made to last.

As strong as it is stylish, the lampshade is made of carbon fiber with a dark emerald marble finish.

The color combination of the lamp body with the lampshade is inspired by natural color palettes and is incredibly pleasing to the eye.

Thanks to the brightness adjustment on this unique lamp, it can stand up to your needs whether it’s placed in the living room, bedroom, or even home office. It is unique and durable.

Level up your home aesthetic with our Vintage Emerald Green Candle Warmer Lamp.

What others are asking

What kind of candle should I use with this candle warmer?

You can use any of your favorite scented candles as long as they come in a jar or a container of some sort.

Are candle warmer lamps safe?

Yes, most candle warmer lamps are considered safe as long as they are used with proper caution and supervision.

Will this fit a 3 wick candle?

Yes, granted it's not too tall, but most three wick candles fit perfectly fine.