Water And Dust Proof Garment Cover – Closet Organizer

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If you’re like most of us, your closet is always crammed full of clothes, even though you only wear a fraction of them on a regular basis. And come spring and summer, all those heavy winter coats and sweaters just take up valuable space.

But where can you put them where they’ll stay clean and dust-free? That’s where this garment cover comes in handy!

It’s made from a clear PVC alternative called PEVA which is completely water and dustproof and actually a safer alternative. So you can store your out-of-season clothing items without worry.

Plus, it’s great for protecting clothes while traveling. No more worrying about your nice clothes getting ruined by dust or rain!

This garment cover is an essential for any fashion-savvy individual who wants to keep their closet organized and their clothes protected.

What others are asking

Do they have an opening for a hanger?

Yes, there is an opening for each hanger.

Will these keep moths out?

To ensure effective moth protection, it is recommended that the garment cover is washed periodically and sealed properly.

How do I wash it?

We recommend hand washing this item with a soft brush or sponge.