Waterproof Bathroom Tray For Soaps And Accessories

From: Ft15,888.46

If your bathroom countertop is feeling cluttered, or just hate moving things every time you need to clean it, make use of your vertical space with our waterproof bathroom tray.

Featuring a beautiful combination of aluminum and wood, available in either black walnut or beechwood, this amazing piece is sure to make a sophisticated statement in any environment.

Best of all, no tools are necessary for installation – simply stick it on the wall and enjoy your newfound counter space.

This unique holder won’t just store your soaps and accessories, but elevates them to an entirely different level.

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How long does the adhesive need to sit before using the tray?

It takes 20 - 30 mins to install the tray.

Won't this just fall off the wall?

No, it uses a strong adhesive patch to make sure it stays on the wall. Of course, the surface where this tray will be used will need to be cleaned before installation to make sure there's no dust or dirt.