Wooden Mushroom Wall Hooks


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Transform your walls from washed out and boring to enchanting and unique with these wooden mushroom wall hooks.

Grace your mudroom or entryway with jackets, keys, purses and scarves elegantly draped off whimsical and earthy mushrooms.

Whether you use them in the kitchen to hang up dishtowels or utensils, or in the bathroom for your towels and bathrobes, everyone is sure to be delighted when they witness these mushrooms hanging artfully on your walls.

These hooks are made from a combination of beech wood and black walnut so you can be sure that the colors will never fade. They’re also polished smooth to prevent any splinters and come with mounting hardware included.

Bring a little bit of magic into every room some cute wooden mushroom wall hooks.

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Are these wood wall hooks strong enough?

Wooden wall hooks can generally hold heavier weights than plastic or other lightweight materials.

Does the adhesive remove cleanly if I need to take the hook down?

Yes, most of our wooden wall hooks feature an adhesive that will cleanly remove from the wall without leaving behind any residue or damaging the wall surface.

How much weight can they hold?

5kg (11 lbs.)