Yuma – Japandi Style Diffuser & Bedside Light

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This Japandi style diffuser is made with natural wood, brass and elegant yet sturdy acrylic that makes it perfect for a home inspired by harmony.

With three levels of brightness adjustment, this diffuser is doubles as the perfect bedside lamp if you’re creating a clean and cozy atmosphere.

What others are asking

How do I clean the top?

Simply wipe the heating tray clean with a damp cloth when it has cooled down. If there is a stubborn, sticky residue of oils left, isopropyl alcohol can be used.

What kind of essential oil can I use in this diffuser?

All aromatherapy essential oils will work in this diffuser. We recommend lavender for nighttime relaxation.

Can I use the diffuser without turning the lamp on?

Yes, the heating tray and light can be used separately.